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A Bit of Switzerland in the Middle East?

What's an Olympic-size ice skating rink doing on the Lebanon border? Israel is full of surprises.

Covid has made it difficult for people to visit Israel, with millions around the world wanting to visit the Holy Land but needing to wait.

The Teacher and the Preacher has stepped into the breach, giving our listeners virtual tours. Although only the size of New Jersey, Israel is an incredibly diverse country with landscapes ranging from lush forest to harsh desert, and an almost uncountable number of Biblical sites, museums, nature preserves, cultural events, etc.

Dave and I have produced two episodes so far (with more to follow), leading our listeners through the Holy Land by radio/podast, with a follow-along slideshow on our web site showing the Biblical sites we describe on the show. Until travel opens up again, it's the next best thing to being there.

Here's another interesting site we haven't yet discussed on the show. Metula, the northernmost town in Israel, sits right on the Lebanon border. Not only can you take in beautiful views of Mount Hermon (see photo above), but Metula - population 1,600 - has an Olympic-regulation ice skating rink.

You can listen to our "virtual tour episodes right here:

Harold Berman - The Teacher


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