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Christians Who Are Battling Jew-Hatred

Christians United for Israel's CUFI on Campus program is working hard to stem the rapidly rising tide of Jew-Hatred and Israel-Hatred on college campuses throughout America.

Did you happen to miss the last broadcast on The Teacher and The Preacher? You can catch it right here on our website.

We were so blessed to have Lydia Yazzie as our guest. She works with Christians United For Israel (CUFI) on Campus. CUFI on Campus works to provide Christian student leaders with the skills, resources, relationships, and Biblical teachings they need in order to speak up on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people at this crucial time.

CUFI on Campus is a national initiative of Christians United for Israel that was founded in 2007. As anti-Semitic activity on American college campuses has steadily increased, CUFI recognizes that Christian students have a responsibility to speak up on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people.

With the current hostile environment that now exists on the majority of our college and university campuses, the alarming increase in anti-Semitism definitely needs to be confronted. This week's conversation is informative and timely. You’re going to love it!

If you missed this episode, you can catch it right here by clicking on the photo below:

Dave McGarrah - The Preacher


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