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The End of Roe v. Wade: What Now?

Roe v. Wade may soon be history. But the abortion debate is just beginning.

Roe v. Wade has arguably stirred more controversy, tapped more raw emotion and exposed a greater social divide than any other Supreme Court case since Roe was first issued in 1973. Roe's demise will not end the debate - it will reignite it with even greater intensity.

If you missed our recent episode about the fallout from Roe v. Wade, you can listen to it here on

We discuss why even some of Roe's admirers believe its legal reasoning is on shaky ground and the 1970s medical technology on which it relies is outdated. We analyze how the Supreme Court has whittled away at Roe over the last 50 years, making its overturning part of a logical progression in the Court's thinking rather than an about-face.

We then go on to examine the religious and moral perspectives of the abortion debate. What do Judaism and Christianity have to say about what happens when a pregnancy endangers a mother's life, in cases of rape and incest, and other thorny issues?

If you're looking for a primer on this critical issue, you came to the right place. Listen to this episode by clicking on the photo below:

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