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The Rabbi Behind Christians United for Israel

Behind the scenes of one of America's largest Christian organizations was a rabbi with a big vision and an even bigger heart.

Have you ever known someone who helped change the world?

People who change the world aren’t always who you expect. They’re ordinary housewives, Uber drivers, plumbers, and farmers. There’s also an incredible rabbi. Harold and I had the privilege of knowing Rabbi Aryeh Scheinberg.

What an incredible man of God. Whenever you were around him, you walked away better. When he showed up, things got better. When he spoke, it was always encouraging.

Rabbi Scheinberg was a bridge builder between Christians and Jews. He contributed heavily in helping launch the largest grassroots pro Israel movement, Christians United For Israel. He modeled brotherly love in his relationship with Pastor John Hagee.

Rabbi Scheinberg left this world on June 17, 2021. Because he was a difference maker, as well as a value add to our lives, we took the time to pay tribute to him in last week's broadcast.

If you happened to miss it, you can catch it right here by clicking on the photo below:

You can also read his story right here for further appreciation

I think we have a chance to help make our world a little better if we can learn from our beloved Rabbi Scheinberg.

Dave McGarrah - The Preacher


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