The Teacher and

 the Preacher 

A Once in 2,000 Years Conversation

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What's Your Favorite Show?The Teacher and the Preacher
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Jewish teacher Hal Berman in Israel and Christian pastor Dave McGarrah in the USA bridge the divide of 2 faiths, 2,000 years, and 9,000 miles with unprecedented and transformative conversations and interviews. 

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Never Again-An Unlikely Friendship-with-The Teacher and the Preacher
00:00 / 28:16
Biblical View of GraceThe Teacher and the Preacher
00:00 / 28:23
A Miracle of SurvivalThe Teacher and the Preacher
00:00 / 27:50
"The Wall" - Myths & FactsThe Teacher and the Preacher
00:00 / 28:42
where the bible happenedThe Teacher and the Preacher
00:00 / 28:12

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