Welcome to The Teacher and The Preacher. I'm the teacher,  Hal Berman . . . And I'm the preacher, Dave McGarrah . . .

And so the dialogue begins each week. 9,000 miles apart, Hal Berman in Israel joins Pastor Dave McGarrah in the U.S. to bridge the distance between Jews and Christians. Originally broadcasting to over 100,000 listeners on radio stations across the United States, and now to an expanded audience through a worldwide podcast, a Christian pastor and an Orthodox Jew seek to inspire and enlighten, opening listeners’ minds and hearts to deeper levels of faith. Always respectful, but never shying away from real differences, ours is a new kind of religious dialogue based on authentic understanding and mutual respect. Whether we’re discussing Biblical lessons for our times, on-the-ground events in Israel, ideas for living a meaningful life, the different worldviews of Judaism and Christianity, or questions our listeners ask us – if it’s about God and His world, it’s a conversation for The Teacher and the Preacher.

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Hal Berman

Hal Berman lives with his family in the Biblical heartland of Israel – in Efrat– next to the fields where the Biblical Ruth toiled, and just a few miles from Jerusalem. Before coming to Israel over 12 years ago, Hal was the Executive Director of the Jewish Federation of Western Massachusetts. He is the co-author (with his wife) of the Amazon bestseller, Doublelife: One Family, Two Faiths and a Journey of Hope, the author of Jewish Adoption – Unique Issues, Practical Solutions (Jewish Lights Publishing), and his articles have appeared in leading publications in print and online. He and his wife are at work on a new book, Women Over the Line, about the lives of twelve converts to Judaism living in Israel. Hal is also an nine-time marathoner.

Dave McGarrah

Dave McGarrah is the Senior Pastor at Deer Flat Church in Caldwell, Idaho. Dave has been in active and ongoing ministry as a pastor and teacher for decades. Dave has traveled to Israel nearly 40 times, introducing hundreds to the Holy Land, and he loves to share the Israel experience with all who would like to see the Holy Land for themselves.

Dave and his wife, Jerri, founded Master Minded Ministries as a non-profit, ten years ago. Master Minded Ministries came into being to help the Christian community understand the need to learn about our Jewish roots, and to love and support Israel and the Jewish people. Each year, our listeners’ generous donations to Master Minded Ministries keep The Teacher and the Preacher on the air.