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Is God Good?

Have you ever met Job? Have you ever heard his story?

Job is one of the most challenging books of the Bible. In short, Job lost everything.

He lost:

  • his children

  • his children’s husbands and wives

  • his fortune

  • his wife’s loyalty

  • his health

And then, the friends who came to comfort him were no help at all. While he

lay there, covered in sores, they asked him what he had done to deserve this

– “and please don’t tell us you're innocent!” He obviously had done something,

they said!

Job thought he was going to enjoy the riches he had honestly earned, and

have many grandchildren, and he would live out his days in comfort and

peace. But that isn’t what happened.

Do you think he was disappointed? Are you disappointed, too? 

Catch The Teacher and The Preacher, Harold and Dave, as we talk about this story over the next few weeks. To listen to the first episode in our series on Job, click on the photo below:

Dave McGarrah - The Preacher


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