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Why The Media Gets It Wrong About Israel

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Thanks for stopping to read the blog. Here’s a really good question: Why Does the World Media Love to Hate Israel?

Prejudice against the Jewish state is so intense in the Western media that praiseworthy actions guaranteed to hit the headlines if attributable to any other country are frequently ignored, diminished or denigrated when it comes to Israel.

When there is a disaster anywhere in the world, for example, Israel is often the first, or among the first, to offer assistance and send in relief workers. Most recently, was the collapse of the 12 story Surfside Condo in Florida. Israel sent one of it’s amazingly trained teams that are highly skilled in recovery work such as this situation requires.

There was little or no press about it. It’s unfortunate.

Why this topic?

If you missed this past week’s Teacher and the Preacher broadcast, you can catch it by clicking on the photo right here:

Our guest was a great journalist and an all around great guy. Dave Bender lives full time in Israel and has several decades of experience as an AP award winning reporter, producer and editor. He has reported extensively from Israel for radio, tv, print and online news. He also served as a state radio bureau chief and reporter for NPR in the States.

Catch our conversation with Dave and get some insights into the challenge that Israel continues to live with when it comes to fair assessment and reporting about Israel. Enjoy!

Dave McGarrah - The Preacher



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